Aid for entrepreneurs

Where do I begin?How do I finance my business?How do I handle all the paperwork?Where do I install me? I rent or buy?In case of doubt, to whom I turn?

Business initiatives

Psicologos plan helps entrepreneurs

In PsicoEmprende, work to develop your business initiatives within the sector Psychology and the Education. We know the thrill of starting a new activity, where many risks are taken and everything is uncertain, and so we put all our experience at your disposal.

Our vision

In PsicoEmprende perfectly we know the first and most important question that every psychologist has to be done: Did I throw to undertake or seek work for others? Surely, after finishing the race, you find yourself doing a formative journey of Courses and throwing curriculums in different entities. And very probably it happened to you over the head mount something on your own, but you can not back by different fears.

It is important that, especially at the beginning, Do not feel alone even if you go solo. By sharing an office for hours with other psychologists, you can do with them and pineapple, even, cases or can refer you to network and make some project in common.
It is normal to feel some fear when facing new cases, especially, if they are more complicated. Because, from PsicoEmprende offer a monitoring service to this point is not an excuse for not taking.

Our goal is, hand to hand, help you overcome all the difficulties that arise.

Our mission

PsicoEmprende It offers the possibility of receiving a advice and comprehensive support at the beginning of your professional activity.

With a clear orientation Achieving your goals professional and success in your business, PsicoEmprende It offers a comprehensive service delivery, highlighting:

  • Assistance in carrying out the business plan.
  • Market study, networking.
  • Personal brand.
  • Customer acquisition and retention.
  • Selection of professional profiles, forming part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Business skills training.
  • Workshops on leadership, motivation, team management.

Our prices

  • One hour consultation
  • 50
  • full advice
  • Market study
  • Personal brand
  • Customer acquisition and retention

The most important points that you will treat:

Assistance in carrying out the business plan

Remember that a well-written business plan and structured is a very important tool to present your business idea to third parties, especially investors, banks and institutions.

Market study, networking

At present, a way to expand and maintain your network of contacts is through social media. Let us not forget that networking is essential. Read on and discover how to build and maintain a strong network of contacts and effective.

Personal brand

When you think of the profession you chose, sure you can identify two or three references that have inspired your work or are recognized as leading specialists in the area. If you would anyone ever think that way about you, it's time you start working on your personal brand.

Customer acquisition and retention

Once executed the actions we engage potential customers. We work with field sales teams and customer service departments, helping to develop effective mechanical capture.


Do you have any doubt?

Tell us how you think we can help and a member of our team will contact you as soon as we can.

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