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Welcome to PsicoEmprende

In PsicoEmprende We work very hard to help develop business initiatives of the new Psychologists, in those moments when most needed can make us.

Our vision

PsicoEmprende is born in the year 2015, with the aim of supporting and promoting initiatives young entrepreneurs in the field of psychology and education, answer your questions and channel their concerns at the time of starting their professional projects.

Aware of the deficiency in current university study plans a comprehensive view of the profession of psychologist and educator, as a generator of employment opportunities.

PsicoEmprende offers support and advice service in all phases of the project, to create and efficiently manage your own cabinet.

Our objectives

Since PsicoEmprende we work to offer low-cost solutions to newcomers Psychologists in business. Since the formation of renting offices, covering all intermediate steps as creating a corporate website, advertising or networking.

  • Advice and initial training, help with business plan.
  • Office rental, Web design, networking and advertising.
  • Online training plans.
  • Monitoring and supervision by professional colleagues, help with difficult cases.
Our work team

About us

PsicoEmprende It is formed by a multidisciplinary team of enterprising professionals, expert advice and professional promotion of people linked to the field of psychology and education.

Pablo Lopez
PsicoEmprende cofounder and head of counseling and training

Director of the Madrid Institute for Integrative psychology and sexology and Psychologists LGTB Tuyo. President of the Foundation Triangle Madrid. It has set up numerous projects as a service to victims of violence intragénero.

Marisa González
PsicoEmprende cofounder and Head of entrepreneurs and development

More of 18 years of experience in professional orientation and promotion of college students.
Business consultant in change management processes and implementation of new forms of work. Commissioning advice, coordination and supervision of projects.

Juancar and Charlie
Web designers and developers, responsible for the area of ​​Web Design

They love to participate in innovative projects, involved closely with its customers and to offer services customized to the needs of each project.


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